Serving Residential and Commercial Thermal Insulating Needs from Coast to Coast


Douglas A. Palmer, President of Palmer Industries, Inc. has been a leader in the insulation industry for over 23 years. Extensive field testing of air krete  followed by years of installing and training new contractors in the art of installing air krete, have made Doug the recognized expert in the business.

Located in Frederick, MD, Palmer Industries, Inc. has guided an extensive network of air krete contractors through all types of installations over the years -- installing air krete in old and new homes, commercial buildings, schools, and churches -- built of metal, wood (including log construction) stone, brick, block, straw bail and rammed earth. To our customers, this means we can provide your insulating needs regardless of the construction or age of your project.

As reflected in our mission statement, we take pride in providing the highest quality insulation for healthy living environments!

Our services are available to you throughout the United States.

Watch the sneak preview of air krete being installed.

Palmer Industries, Inc. -- 10611 Old Annapolis Road -- Frederick, MD 21701-3347
301-898-7848 -- 800-545-7383 -- 301-898-3312 FAX

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