Serving Residential and Commercial Thermal Insulating Needs from Coast to Coast

If you’re an entrepreneur or contractor who wants to start or add a unique business to your line of services, become an air krete® insulation dealer/installer.

air krete is a patented product with patented custom manufactured state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to apply it; therefore, it is only applied by air krete contractors who are trained and certified.

Today’s insulator is expected to provide the most environmentally safe and economical insulation available. As an air krete installer you’ll have the the most environmentally safe and economical insulation available and the expertise that will separate you from the average contractor.

You will be offering a unique thermal insulation that provides a non-toxic, economic insulating alternative.

The many characteristics of air krete: namely—thermal efficiency, pest resistance, fireproof and acoustical attributes allow you not only to insulate any structure, but to fireproof it and soundproof it while making it highly resistant to vermin/rodent infestation. You can be assured that you have provided your customer with the very best insulation available from all standpoints.

There will be instances when only you can provide the insulation that can be used for:

  • Insulating for the chemically sensitive or sick customer;
  • Installing air krete in the walls of a building to bring it up to fire code standards;
  • Insulating any and all existing buildings.

Palmer Industries, Inc.’s contractor support systems, unique in the industry, were designed with one goal in mind: the success and profitability of our contractors!

We supply the materials and equipment and train our contractors in installation techniques and continue to support them in any way they require.

We hope that you will see, as we do, the excitement and potential in air krete and will afford us the pleasure of welcoming you aboard our rapid growing and unique family of contractors.

Please visit our contact page and enter your information today!

Watch the sneak preview of air krete being installed.


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