Serving Residential and Commercial Thermal Insulating Needs from Coast to Coast

Discover the thermal insulation that guarantees a healthy atmosphere in which to live!

air krete insulation –
A revolutionary and unique insulator which provides major energy savings and major results -- warm comfortable living in the winter and cool living in the summer.

air krete proven to be:

  • Energy & Thermal Efficient – Reduces Heating and Air-conditioning Cost Significantly to as much as 50% or more! Residential, Commercial or Industrial. air krete combines a high R-value, 3.9 per inch, with complete filling characteristics (no air infiltration) to maximize comfort in living or work areas.
  • 100% Fire Safe – Life Safety & Property Protection. Recommended by Firemen. ASTME – 84 testing has proven it will not burn, nor produce toxic fumes under any conditions! Protect life and areas of high value within any home or structure.
  • 100% Non-Toxic - A formaldehyde-free foam insulation that does not off-gas any VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), CFC’s (chloroflorocarbons), or HCFC’s (hydrochloroflorocarbons). Excellent for those with chemical sensitivities.
  • Non-Shrinkable, Continuous and Non-Settling - Does not shrink or settle (unlike "plastic" chemical based foams or boards and unlike loose fill or plastic inserts). Due to it’s permanency, it is the most cost effective insulation available. air krete has a track record of paying for itself in five years or less.
  • Low In Absorption of Moisture - unlike fiber based products.
  • Incapable of Producing Airborne Lung Irritants or Contaminants unlike man-made fiber products, i.e. fiber glass.
  • A Sound Barrier – highly effective sound absorbing acoustic insulator.

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Watch the sneak preview of air krete being installed.


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