Serving Residential and Commercial Thermal Insulating Needs from Coast to Coast


Environmentally Safe

  • Free of asbestos
  • Free of all other carcinogenic fibers
  • Free of CFC's and formaldehyde

Ecologically Sound

  • Fireproof-no by-products of combustion
  • Non-hazardous as waste
  • Vermin/rodent resistant
  • Inorganic, odor free

Economically Smart

  • High R factor per dollar
  • No loss of R value over time
  • Non-shrink, non-settling

Excellent Selection

  • For thermal efficiency
  • For firesafing and firestopping
  • For acoustical insulation

"even for those who are chemically sensitive"


Innovative Concepts In Energy Conservation



Recognizing the need for increasingly energy efficient building envelopes and aware of the shortcomings of products currently on the market, the inventors and patentees of air krete have developed a product which eliminates or mitigates those shortcomings while maintaining a high degree of thermal efficiency.

In air krete, its inventors offer the construction industry a product which is:

  • Fireproof, non-toxic and does not shrink
    (unlike "plastic" chemical based foams or boards)
  • Incapable of producing airborne lung irritants or contaminants
    (unlike man-made fiber based products, i.e. fiber glass)
  • Fireproof with low absorption of moisture
    (unlike fiber based products)
  • Continuous, and non-settling
    (unlike loose fill or foam plastic inserts)
  • A highly effective sound absorbing acoustic insulator
  • An excellent material for firestopping and firesafing
  • Ideal for high and very high temperature installations
  • An insulating encapsulator of hazardous materials

(New & Retrofit)

  • Masonry: foamed in place at block cores and cavities between wythes.
  • Studs, metal and wood: foamed in place through or behind appropriate screening to completely fill air spaces.
  • Curtain walls: foamed in place to firestop spandrels and insulate between exterior skin and interior finish.
  • Deck insulation: foamed in place through or above appropriate screening to provide insulation on the warm side where it belongs.
  • Pipe chases: foamed in place to avoid condensation, insulate, firestop and greatly reduce sound transmission.
  • Partitions: foamed in place to increase fire resistance rating and reduce sound transmission.
  • High temperature: inorganic, fireproof nature of material produces a low cost, high performance application.
  • Encapsulation: where space and configuration permit, encapsulation of existing asbestos-containing insulation with air krete inexpensively increases insulative efficiency rather than expensively replacing it.


air krete is an ultralight insulating foam consisting of a patented combination of an inorganic cementitious stabilizer, a microscopic cell generator, a catalyst, and compressed air designed to create an effective, safe, thermal, acoustic and fireproof insulation for use in many architectural and engineering applications.


air krete is available through licensed manufacturer and/or its trained dealer/installers.

Contact Palmer Industries, Inc. for the dealer/installer in your area.


  • Thermal Conductivity - ASTM C518.76, per each 1" of thickness:
  @24C(75F) K factor R factor

2.07 lbs/ft3



  3.96 .276 3.6
  6.86 .467 2.5

  • Fire Characteristics - ASTM E84.81A
    Test extended to 30 minutes with no further flame progression.
    Flame spread: 0
    Smoke developed: 0
    Fuel contributed: 0
  • Dimensional Stability - ASTM C951
    Shrinkage: 0
  • Ultrasafe Material - independent tests and certifications are available indicating that air krete is free of carcinogenic mineral fibers, including asbestos and fiber glass; formaldehyde; chlorinated fluorocarbons. It is 98% or more inorganic; contributes no harmful gases under flaming and smoldering test conditions and is non-hazardous as waste material.
  • Sound Absorption/Transmission - preliminary tests indicate significant improvement in the sound performance of structures insulated with air krete.
Watch the sneak preview of air krete being installed.

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