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  Dear Palmer Industries:

   "We built our living quarters into a 200-year-old barn, occupying 1/3 of the structure with air krete forming a barrier between the heated quarters and the remainder of the old barn.

   A fire destroyed virtually the entire living quarters within the barn—6x8 timbers were destroyed--the Fire Marshal estimated temperatures near the fire’s point of origin to be 1700 degrees.

   Yet the fire was confined to the living quarters. The air krete did not burn, it did not melt or crumble, it just sat there, making an excellent firewall. There is no doubt in my mind that air krete saved the building."
David Lyle

   "air krete far surpasses the requirements of the NYC Department of buildings with respect to combustion product toxicity testing results. Comparison between air krete and wood revealed that air krete is not more toxic than wood. In reviewing the many thousands of products which we have tested; air krete remains one of the outstanding examples."
Rosalind C. Anderson, Ph.D.

   "We selected air krete for use in the Shawnee County Adult Detention Center for these reasons:

  • Reinforced curved varying cavity thicknesses most easily filled by foam-in-place
  • Life Safety – Non Combustible
  • Inhibits transmigration of moisture through wall assembly
  • Soundproofing characteristics – creates an acoustical barrier between inmates & the public outside
  • Thermal efficiency of the Wall assembly with the cavity fully insulated with air krete is more that twice what might be expected if a 2-inch thick expanded polystyrene board were used
  • Expected savings over the life of the structure to be dramatic due to the fully insulated cavity
  • Reasonably easy installation procedures
  • Performance of the system to date have been gratifying"

Gregory D. Sims, AIA

   "air krete was very instrumental in the reduction of our fuel costs – from $100,000 a year to $51,700 a year….

Gail M. Jones
Executive Director
Associates for Community Development
Management Agent for King’s Daughters Court

   "We could not believe how easy it was to heat a 2-Story 10,000 Square Foot Living Space with a 100,000 BTU temporary heater after you insulated the structure with air krete. And, we only had duct work in the basement at the time."

James O. Rudy
Fred W. Rudy
Builders And Contractors, Inc.


Watch the sneak preview of air krete being installed.

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